Beauty Awakened: The Princesses and Their Slippers (Beauty Awakened #2) Available Now!

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Hello Raveners!

It’s obviously been awhile since I’ve had an update, but I wanted to wait until I had some good news to share. And the good news is here! The long-awaited Beauty Awakened: The Princesses and Their Slippers (Beauty Awakened #2) is now available!

The-Princesses-and-Their-Slippers---Beauty-Awakened-#2-smallThe Princesses and Their Slippers continues to follow Lily Briar after she recovers from what The Ravisher put her through. She is on the run with her savior, Sir Robert, whom she now refers to as just Robert. She is searching for The Raven while being chased by his nasty brother, The Ravisher. But along the way, she learns more about the Enchanted Forest and meets King Josiah of the Swan Realm and his three spoiled daughters, plus learns something very disappointing about The Raven’s future…

Here’s the synopsis:

My name is Lily Briar, and I don’t know how the hell I ended up in the Enchanted Forest. One minute, I was in the library with a blonde stranger, having the best orgasm of my entire life. The next, I was in a sex addict’s dungeons, waiting for my turn to be ravished by him.

I survived. But now, he’s on the hunt for me.

And I have no idea how to get back to my world.

Lily and Sir Robert have escaped the Ravisher’s dungeons, but life isn’t happily ever after. They’ve been traipsing through the Enchanted Forest searching for The Raven for weeks to no avail. When they meet a strange woman from Robert’s past, the reason they haven’t found him is revealed, and Lily isn’t going to like what she must do next…

An erotic Grimm retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. This novella is about 30,000 words (roughly 200 printed pages). Recommended for adults 18+.

Will The Ravisher catch up to her? Will she find The Raven? This and more is revealed in book #2—plus there’s a new adventure, a new love interest, and plenty of new characters and TONS of yatzee (which is obviously a euphemism for THAT).

To celebrate the new release, from March 18th-March 27th, I’ve listed the book at $0.99 USD on all Amazon retailers.

If you have an ereader that can’t use Amazon’s ebook format, you can also get it at 80% off from Smashwords with the coupon code: FJ32P. Simply enter the code at checkout to get the discount.

And you can also get the book through any of the links below:

I have TONS more news to share, but I will save that for another day. For now, get BA #2! It’s even better than BA #1 and I’m confident you will LOVE the new characters just as much as I do!

Small-version---The-Queen-and-The-Honey---Beauty-Awakened-#1New to Maddy Raven’s books? If you haven’t picked up Beauty Awakened: The Queen and the Honey (Beauty Awakened #1) you can get the ebook for FREE in MOST countries at the major e-retailers below: