BONUS SCENE: TBA #3, Rebecca’s Perspective

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This scene happens between the last two chapters (chapters seven and eight) of The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Scandal (The Billionaire’s Alibi #3)It’s from Rebecca’s perspective (and boy, is this woman surprising…)

Rebecca grit her teeth and slammed her cell phone down on the dresser. She’d given Alexa a new phone under the explicit instructions that she should always be able to get ahold of her. Now, after that little stunt she pulled running away to the funeral and leaving Will to fend for himself at the press conference, Alexa was still out of reach.

Oh, she was back home in her apartment, Rebecca knew that much. What good would the girl be if Rebecca couldn’t be kept aware of her whereabouts—she didn’t pay her staff to sit idly on their hands all day, after all. They were paid to do her a service—to watch, to inform. Alexa was a liability, and she didn’t appreciate liability—especially one who came so close to destroying everything she’d built.

“Five calls, and she’s still not picking up,” Rebecca growled. “She’s doing this on purpose.”

“It’s barely sunrise—I’m sure the girl is still asleep,” Henry Harper said with a tired groan. He sat up in bed and languidly reached for his own cell phone as his wife paced their room. “Like you should be. Like I should be.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said, reaching for the phone and hitting redial again.

The call went directly to voicemail. Rebecca let out a short scream of frustration before charging into her closet.

“Where are you going now?” her husband called after her.

She appeared back in the doorway, a dress draped across her arms.

“If she insists on ignoring me, I’ll just have to make certain I’m heard in person.” She removed her robe and began to dress. “She thinks she can get away with this behavior?”

Henry sighed and turned back to his phone. He scrolled through the news feeds as he did every morning, his thumb flicking upward against the lighted screen.

“She’s done everything we’ve asked thus far,” Henry said. “She’s been good for Will, especially with this latest… development.”

“If being good means sleeping with our son, then she’s fooling you, too.”

That hadn’t been a part of the plan, though she should have known. Her son couldn’t seem to resist a beautiful woman, and a woman had never resisted her attractive, rich, and charming son. But Alexa—Alexa was much too clever for her own good, and if there was one thing Rebecca knew, it was that sex held much more power over men than they realized.

“Keep your cool,” Henry warned distractedly. He’d issued the same warning dozens of times over the course of their marriage. Luckily, maintaining her composure was a practice she had perfected over the years. It was the only way, she’d learned, to maintain control.

“I always do.” She smiled and sat at her vanity, crossing her legs in one practiced, fluid step. There was power in femininity, and every tone of voice, look, and movement—no matter how slight—should serve as a reminder of that power. She’d learned that over the many years, too.

She held up a pair of diamond earrings.

Alexa was foolish if she thought she could best a Harper. She was, after all, only a girl. A beautiful, clever girl, yes, but a girl nonetheless—playing dress-up and make-believe and serving the role Rebecca had chosen for her. Rebecca could let her pretend she had the upper hand for a while. In fact, it was amusing that Alexa thought she had a chance at all. But she was merely a doll, a puppet.
A means to an end.

She had played this game for far longer, and it was time to remind Alexa who was in control.

She stood and crossed the room to her husband.

“Zip me up, Henry,” she said with authority.

She owned Alexa Romo. She’d made sure of that.

It was time Alexa knew it.