Buy Direct

All ebooks are released directly to the fans one month before they are released on various e-retailer platforms like Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, etc.

The author encourages readers to purchase direct. The benefits include:

Secure Checkout (using https://)

We use SSL encryption to protect your data and a PCI compliant payments provider (Stripe) to process the transaction.

Faster, Better Accessibility

You receive instant access to your files one month before they are released to the public—even if you are international! Accessibility includes:

  • Instant access
  • Early access (one month before everyone else)
  • International access (accepting payments anywhere in the world via Stripe)
  • Timed access (everyone gets the book at the same time, no matter what ereader you use!)

Discounts & Savings

We offer comprehensive bundles to suit any reader’s needs, from a single-book purchase to the entire set! Since we are not constrained by e-retailer requirements for bundles, we can offer a wide selection—and since we don’t have to pay hosting and delivery fees (often between 30-70% of the book’s price), we can offer steep discounts on our larger bundles.

  • Buy a whole series at once at a discount!
  • Support the author directly and save them hosting and delivery fees that e-retailers charge

Bonus Content

To thank our fans for buying direct, we offer bonus content for all our series exclusively to direct buyers. Think of these like the Blu-Ray extras!

  • Access all behind-the-scenes extras, like:
    • Interviews with the author
    • Bonus scenes
    • Deleted scenes
    • “Making-Of” content


You can take your files with you wherever you want, on any device. We provide your ebooks in three formats, which means you can share with your friend who has a Nook, even if you have a Kindle.

  • Multiple files provided (PDF, .mobi, .ePub)
  • Share with your friends in any format

Easy Backup

You can back up your files to Dropbox with a single click, or download directly to your computer. And you never have to search email again or worry about expired download links, since you can access everything you’ve purchased under a single login.

  • Backup to Dropbox with one click for archive purposes
  • Get lifetime access to your all your files purchased with a single login

Email Updates & Support

Never search for the next book in the series! We’ll email you when it’s ready. We will also email you to let you know about updates, and you can reach out to us any time for support for your files.

  • Email notification when the author releases a new version of the book
  • Email notification when the author releases the next book in the series