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The Billionaire’s Alibi #6: The Murderer Releases March 14th

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I know a lot of people are waiting for the sixth book in The Billionaire’s Alibi series. Well, the wait is close to over, because book #6 is done and is on its final polish. It comes out on March 14th! I’m going to tell you a lot more about this book in another post, but I wanted to take this opportunity to write a long and overdue letter to readers who have stuck with this series through all its ups and downs. This book has actually been a really…read more

The Billionaire’s Alibi #5. This weekend. You in?

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The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Betrayal (The Billionaire’s Alibi #5) is coming this weekend! More below on how to get it! But first, so you know what’s to come in September: I’m releasing the four books I’ve been talking about all summer in the upcoming month, one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Betrayal (The Billionaire’s Alibi #5) Beauty Awakened: The Coffin and the Kiss (Beauty Awakened #3) Emma + Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy (Emma + Elsie #1) Emma + Elsie Choose Harriet Smith (Emma…read more

An Unedited Snippet of The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Betrayal (The Billionaire’s Alibi #5)

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We’re still in the middle of drafting/editing The Billionaire’s Alibi #5, as Ravens on the email list know (sign up in the yellow box at the top of any page), but I thought I’d share with you a snippet that… I don’t think will come as a surprise? You already know that Will and Alexa’s relationship is complicated for a number of reasons. One of the more subtle ones has always been the baggage that they both bring to the relationship, in the sense that neither ever really got closure on…read more

Why Doesn’t Will Ask His Mother About Her History With (Spoiler)?

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Questions about The Billionaire’s Alibi series have been filtering in as people read through to the 4th book. Here are some amazing questions that readers have sent us, along with the answers! (Spoiler Alert: Read TBA #4 before going any further!) Q1: When Will’s mother acknowledges she has an agenda that reaches Alexa’s family, I wonder why Alexa does not probe about what history there is between the 2 families? She simply doesn’t have away to probe after the third book, and much of the first scene of the 4th book…read more

BONUS SCENE: TBA #3, Rebecca’s Perspective

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This scene happens between the last two chapters (chapters seven and eight) of The Billionaire’s Alibi: The Scandal (The Billionaire’s Alibi #3). It’s from Rebecca’s perspective (and boy, is this woman surprising…) Rebecca grit her teeth and slammed her cell phone down on the dresser. She’d given Alexa a new phone under the explicit instructions that she should always be able to get ahold of her. Now, after that little stunt she pulled running away to the funeral and leaving Will to fend for himself at the press conference, Alexa was still…read more