Free Ebooks: The Billionaire's Alibi #1 & #2

"OMG I read The Billionaire's Alibi last night and I'm hooked!
Fans of Scandal and Revenge will love this series!"
~ M. Hamilton, Amazon reviewer 

Meet William Henry Harper, heir to the multi-billion dollar conglomerate Harper Global. He has everything—the money, the career, the looks. The one thing he doesn't want is her...

Meet Alexa Romo, over-educated and serially unemployed nanny to the rich and powerful. She has nothing—no career, no money, no plan. The one thing she didn't ask for was this...

A betrayal, a murder, an unexpected proposition... The Billionaire's Alibi serials will shock you, tantalize you, and have you begging for more.

For fans of Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, and Daniel Grayson...

  • Be the first to discover this underground story of love, obedience, and revenge that is hot, hot, hot right now
  • Discover the darkness behind Alexa Romo and William Henry Harper that will either have them at each other's throats or in each other’s arms
  • Get lost in the OMG twists and turns as the Harper family secrets unravel before your eyes
  • Enjoy a short, quick romantic read—only 1-2 hours per book!

If you love alpha males and billionaire romances, give The Billionaire's Alibi a try   »»

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