The Billionaire’s Alibi #6: The Murderer Releases March 14th

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I know a lot of people are waiting for the sixth book in The Billionaire’s Alibi series. Well, the wait is close to over, because book #6 is done and is on its final polish. It comes out on March 14th!

I’m going to tell you a lot more about this book in another post, but I wanted to take this opportunity to write a long and overdue letter to readers who have stuck with this series through all its ups and downs.

This book has actually been a really tough one to finish up. Book #4 came out last June, nearly 9 months ago. Book #5 didn’t come out until September. And now, book #6 isn’t out until March. You can probably tell that this is not a promising pattern, considering there is still book #7, #8, and #9.

Let me explain.

The books were always meant to be told in serial fashion. book #1, #2, #3, and #4 all came out exactly one month apart as originally planned—March, April, May, June, like clockwork.

Unfortunately, after that, there were complications.

You see, I originally started this series with a partner. When my writing partner had to step away, it was really hard on both me and the story. We had a system going and the characters felt like ours.

I’ve since had to relearn how to tell the story on my own and how to trust my own decisions with it. It’s very different to finish something on your own when you started it with a partner. It’s only been in the last few months that I’ve gotten comfortable making all the decisions about where these characters go next, without my writing partner’s help.

I did the best I could on my own. I think it’s all back on track now—the series feels like it’s solely mine again. It’s easier to write, now that I’ve done two of the books on my own. So I am hoping to get the last three books out about a month apart from one another, similar to how the series started.

More About the Book and Why It Took So Long

The truth is that I rushed one of the books in this series to publication already, and you can probably guess which one. It’s not quite as good as the others. I feel bad about that. Here’s the thing: I could put out anything and a decent number of readers would buy it because they want the rest of the story—they’re hooked. That means I have an obligation to not put out crap. I must work harder on each book to make those reader experiences good, not because it affects sales, but because it’s the right thing to do.

I never want to put out a rushed book again, which is why I’ve taken my time to get book #6 right instead of just done.

Book #6 went in a direction that I could not have expected… and it’s taken me awhile to work out how exactly the new revelations in this book tie together with everything else that happened in the series.

Something is revealed in book #6 that I did not expect to reveal until book #9. I also had to change the title—it was originally called The Alliance, but that simply doesn’t fit anymore.

Another thing about book #6 is that it finishes out the middle third of the series. That has been a challenge—there is a lot of cool stuff happening in this book that gives closure to a lot of the thematic elements, and also sets up the ending. I wanted to take away a lot of the secrets that have dictated the last several books and provide answers, closure, explanations. I wanted to answer the question, What does Will and Alexa’s relationship look like when the secrets are gone? Or I at least wanted to pose the question, even if it’s not answered in full in this book.

I also had to move up some of the stuff I had planned on *maybe* writing in a second installment of the series, to the last third of this series. So book #7 starts with stuff that I never intended to happen this soon. But it just feels like the right direction to me, and I think fans will be really excited to see these parts happen even sooner than they were originally planned.

How To Get the Book

Again, the book will be out March 14th.

For regular readers, it will be up for pre-order on many sites a little sooner than that, in the next couple days.

For anyone who’s pre-ordered direct, you’ll receive it by email immediately when it’s ready—in the next day or two. I’m not accepting any more direct pre-orders at this time—sorry!

For reviewers, you’ll receive a special review copy on March 13th. You can still get a review copy by submitting your Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, or Smashwords review for book #5 here:

Please submit a LINK to your review. I can’t even tell you how many disappointed reviewers there will be who don’t receive a copy because they ignored this critical instruction. It has to be a direct link to the review… I’m not going to a) take someone’s word for it or b) go to a huge site and search for reviews and try to match them up with the person who submitted.

You can also submit a link to a review of book #1 or book #1-3 bundle through the link above. I’ll accept any of the three. They are here on Amazon, for reference:

About the Rest of the Series

I want to say that I know there are a lot of readers who love this series and who feel frustrated that the books don’t come out faster. Let me just clear up a few things for everyone so we’re all on the same page!

First, there’s this weird rumor going around that book #6 is the last in the series, I have no idea where that came from or if just a few readers made that assumption and then others ran with it. There are 9 books in this series, total. Book #6 is not the end, though it does close out a lot of questions.

So yes book #6 is coming out, finally—but keep in mind that books #7-9 still need to be written, edited and so on. The Billionaire’s Alibi is a series in progress. The ending needs to be reworked a bit from the original outline, and that’s going to take time. Like I said before, I want to get the last three out about one every month from now on—but content takes time! I cannot provide hard dates; release dates always, always change based on how the book is going. Creative work is just that way.

This means you’re not going to know exactly when the next book is ready until I finish it and tell you… that’s just life! If the serial nature bugs you, you can always wait until book #9 is available and finish the last four in the series then. I promise that book #9 is when you will get ALL the answers. But it takes time to build up to and reach that point.

Other Books

The Billionaire’s Alibi is my most popular series to date, but it’s not my only one! I’m working on a lot of other projects at the same time. Some readers don’t like this and wish I would finish one series before moving on to the next, but that doesn’t work for me. The books wouldn’t come out any faster, because books need time and space to rest. Writing fewer books does not change that… I’d just be wasting time on Facebook instead of writing a different series.

So here are some of the other projects I have:

First, Maddy Raven is my second pen name, as many of you know. I have several other series under my first pen name and there have been some new releases there. This year, there will be even more new releases under that name.

Emma-and-Elsie-1I also have a new Maddy Raven book called Emma + Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy. It is the beginning of another New Adult series about romance, friendship, and more. The book is based on two classic novels by Jane Austen—Emma and Pride and Prejudice. It’s toned down from TBA on the sex side and focuses primarily on the stories of the two protagonists. You can grab a free copy of the book here:

Please note before you get it that it IS a series as well. The books will come out roughly every month. They are readable as standalone stories and don’t have as strong of cliffhangers as the TBA books, but it is another open-ended story that progresses.

The-Coffin-and-the-Kiss-Beauty-Awakened-#3Beauty Awakened is another world I’m getting back to. I’m long overdue for the third book release, which has also been held up by structure problems. I was originally going to do eight books in the series, but that seemed too long, so now I’m down to five. That means I have three more to complete that series, too. Once those are done, I’ll be moving on to another character within the Enchanted Forest world—one that readers have already met, that I’m extremely excited to be working with again! I really can’t wait.

I have another serial coming out called The Tycoon’s Arrangement. This serial has been in the works for awhile and has some crossover characters from The Billionaire’s Alibi. It’s also going to be nine books and thematically similar to The Billionaire’s Alibi. And, as I learned from my first series, I’ll be prepping that series quite a bit more before I release the first one—if only because I want to avoid long breaks like I’ve had so far with TBA.

Lastly, I’m working on a collaboration with another romance/erotica author. It’s a bit hush, hush for now, but I will tell you the subject matter—Catholic girls! I grew up a Catholic girl and I think the books will be a good mix of funny and serious. There will also be a lot of sex! It’s an updated version of Sex and the City in some ways.

For that series, we’re doing four before we release… and then if people are still excited about the characters, we may do more.

Thank You!

I know it has been a long road to seeing the end of Will and Alexa’s story. Thanks to those of you who have been patiently waiting!

I also want to send a special thanks to reviewers for posting their reviews. The reception to the actual series has been amazing thus far. I’m really grateful to everyone who has supported it!

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