The Queen and the Honey (Beauty Awakened #1) is Now Available!

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I’m so excited to announce my first release! The book, The Queen and the Honey, is the first in a the Beauty Awakened series.

The Beauty Awakened series follows Lily Briar, a native Chicagoan, starting on her 27th birthday. She meets a man in the library and wakes up in an enchanted forest. Throughout the series, she searches for a way to get back to Chicago, but discovers disturbing secrets along the way.

The Beauty Awakened series retells lesser known Grimm stories, but also has story arcs that are familiar and comfortable. The series is a mix of fantasy, romance, and erotica. It dives deep into the characters while also driving the story forward with a fast-paced, winding plot. I’m looking forward to sharing the series with readers!

Here’s the synopsis for The Queen and the Honey (Beauty Awakened #1):

Romance has always alluded Lily Briar, but not because she hasn’t had offers! When she seduces a handsome and dangerous blonde stranger in the library, she wakes up in another world far far away from anything she’s ever experienced before.

The Enchanted Forest is home to The Ravisher, a sadistic master who keeps a harem of slaves to satisfy his insatiable appetite for degradation. Can Lily survive his torturous dungeons? Or will the charming Sir Robert save her before she is ravished like the others?

An erotic Grimm retelling of “The Queen Bee.”

If you like series like 50 Shades of Grey or Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, you might like this series too. Best of all, The Queen and the Honey is available in all formats for free. Below are several links where you can grab the book:

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